warn! Covid pneumonia infections – more deaths How to prevent it? Read on.

But the situation in various hospitals now, the covid bed is quite tight. need to manage the bed because the covid bed has been adjusted to be used to care for general patients during the outbreak of the pandemic. Many hospitals are starting to have to adjust common beds to receive more covid cases.

The obvious and worrying thing is the patient.pneumoniaand using a ventilator tends to increase steadily for about 3 weeks, starting to see the numberdeceasedincreased to more than 20 people again

who declares wearing masks voluntarily There must be a new review. It should be compulsory to wear masks in buildings and communities again. And everyone should be fully defending themselves. by spacing Avoid the community, wash your hands often, wear masks properly.

and receivevaccineComplete, especially the 3rd needle, is important in reducing the danger of omikron well. And if the 3rd dose has been given for more than 4 months, the 4th dose should be given, especially in the 608 group and people at risk of infection.

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