Was it my daughter or the dog

A one year old baby is recovering for these hours in California, United States, after being attacked by the two pit bulls of the family. The madre of the girl stabbed one to death of the animals while trying to save her. “It was my is or the dog,” he said.

The attack took place last Sunday night. Usually, both pets are in the garden of the house, but that day they were inside because they had been bathed. The relatives assured that the dogs three years old they had never been aggressive, but they jumped on the little girl unexpectedly.

The girl’s mother, grandmother and aunt were injured while trying to stop the attack. “The dog had her on her leg and I had to pull her teeth out,” she said. Margaret Morales, grandmother of the baby and owner of the dogs. “He bit my hand and the wound is quite open,” she added to the local media KNBC.

Jaime MoralesRuby’s mother, in desperation, grabbed a knife and stabbed one of the dogs. “It was him or my daughter, so I chose my daughter. I did what I have to do to protect her,” he said. The animal died from the wound.

Ruby was bitten on the leg, ankle and shoulder. She received several stitches and underwent two surgeries, including one for hip fracture. She was transferred to the intensive care unit after having surgery. According to her reports, she is recovering favorably.

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The three women who came to Ruby’s defense were also injured and required medical attention.. “The dog wouldn’t let me go,” said the girl’s grandmother, adding: “I feel really bad, but I had to. I’m pretty sure anyone would have done the same thing,” she stated.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control of the United States more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the country and at least half of these victims are children.

Family members say the attack on Ruby Ann Cervantes lasted no more than three or four minutes. Animal control authorities took away the dog that survived the attack, which would be sacrificed.

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