Watch.. A “Saudi doctor” reveals when the drug extracted from the “Al-Bathran” plant for the treatment of cancer will be on the market

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Abd al-Rahman Bazid, assistant professor at the Department of Medical Laboratories at the College of Science at the University of Hail, revealed that the laboratory stage demonstrated the success of a compound extracted from the Artemisia plant (Al-Bathran) against cancer cells.

He said during his intervention with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: If things go as expected, we will find this medicine on the ground after five years.

He attributed the reason for their use of the wormwood plant (Al-Bathran), to its wide spread in the region, which prompted questions about its medicinal benefit, and when they searched in some sources, they found that it actually has a good benefit.

He added: In light of the unlimited support for scientific research and the development of universities in research, we can complete our research in this field and open the way for pharmaceutical companies to use the natural resources that are abundant in the Kingdom to discover their medicinal properties and convert them into products with drug efficacy.

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