Watch.. Reham Hajjaj’s daughter in youth.. Shocked the audience, she became a bride and likened her exactly

Reham Hajjaj’s daughter appeared in youth for the first time, during her birthday celebration, and it is considered one of the things that shocked the audience the most when they watched it, and everyone noticed that it looked very similar.

Reham Hajjaj’s daughter in youth shocked the audience

And she did Reham Hajjaj Working to congratulate her daughter on her birthday, and at the same time this led to the audience’s shock from her daughter’s age, which has become a young age, and many wrote, “God willing, I became a bride.”

Reham Hajjaj’s new series

The artist, Reham Hajjaj, was keen to congratulate producer Ahmed Abdel-Aty on his new series, “Tir Bina Ya My Heart”, and he is preparing to launch it soon on the ON satellite network. The talented one who will break the world by ten years, Issam Nassar, a million congratulations to your new series.

Daughter of Reham Hajjaj

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