Watch the video.. Haitham Rafi launches “Willy” with a youthful atmosphere

Omani singer Haitham Rafi has released his new song, “Willy”, written by Marwan Lahri, composed by composer and arranger DJ Outlaw, mastering Matty Harris, produced by Platinum Records, and the video clip directed by Ahmed Tahan.

The video clip brought together the colors, the beauty of nature, the sea, and the night in a rhythmic, danceable atmosphere that added elegance to this youth song, which is suitable for all occasions and evenings, as the video clip was filmed in Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that Haitham Rafi was one of the most prominent participants in Talent Boulevard and reached the finals thanks to his determination and perseverance, which opened for him the door of the first cooperation between him and Platinum Records Company for Artistic Production. In the Gulf countries, it was filmed in Saudi Arabia.

Haitham Rafi had announced earlier that his next goal is to reach the world by participating in talent discovery programs in Europe and America.

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