Weather forecast: here’s what next week will look like

Sunday will begin with beautiful sunny periods and some clouds, according to forecasts from the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). Despite cloudiness that will spread over the hours over all regions, the weather will generally remain dry, with highs of 19°C at the sea or in the Hautes Fagnes to 23°C in Belgian Lorraine.

In the evening, clearings will regain ground. The minima will be between 6°C in the Hautes Fagnes, 11°C in the center and 15°C at sea during the night, under a fairly light wind.

Monday morning, clearings will again be present in most regions. The clouds will arrive in the afternoon, but the weather will remain dry in many places. The maxima will be between 19°C in the upper Ardennes and 23°C in lower and middle Belgium.

Mardi will begin with a cloudy sky then the clearings of the morning will be replaced by more numerous cloudy fields which could lead to a localized downpour. At sea, the weather will generally be sunny. The maximum will reach from 18 degrees on the coast and in the Ardennes to 22 degrees in the center. The wind will become light to moderate from west to northwest.

Wednesday, it will be partly cloudy at first but later the cloudiness will increase. However, the weather will remain largely dry. Later in the afternoon, the sunny spells will widen again. The highs will hover around 22 degrees in the center.

Thursday looks very cloudy with the possibility of a little rain, especially in the east of the country. The highs will hover around 22 degrees in the center.

Friday, it will still be necessary to count on many clouds but the weather will remain dry in most regions. Highs will be near 24 degrees in the center.

Saturday, the weather will be dry with sunny spells, and especially in the afternoon, some cumulus clouds. 23 or 24 degrees are forecast inland.

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