Went peddling: after parting with her son the Queen, the stripper can barely stand on her feet

Julia Raevskaya

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Arkhip Glushko and Natasha Koroleva

The puffy beloved of the only heir Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko is again in the spotlight. While Arkhip himself is abroad, Melissa Volynkina does not waste time.

Anna (the real name of the beloved Glushko Jr. – ed.) entered the family of the performer of the hit “Yellow Tulips” two years ago. It is noteworthy that at first the girl did not really like the parents of her chosen one. It was especially strange to observe such an attitude from Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan.

The fact is that Anna-Melissa earned a living in a strip club. Spinning on the pylon and entertaining clients with private dances, Volynkina hardly thought that she would have to give up her profession because of a potential father-in-law, who, in fact, is her colleague. However, Sergei Glushko can be understood. Probably knowing firsthand about all the vicissitudes of his work, for his only son he wanted a completely different chosen one.

Be that as it may, Anna agreed to make a concession to future relatives and dramatically changed her life. She left striptease, retrained as a makeup artist, and began to exhibit a more modest demeanor. And still, the beloved of Arkhip Glushko will periodically either be naked on camera or appear in public in a provocative form.

A new video on Melissa’s Instagram page has again caused a stir among Internet users. However, this time the video came out decent. Anna in the video tried to beautifully skate. True, from time to time she lost her balance, as a result of which the daughter-in-law of the Queen could hardly stand on her feet. However, on the whole, it was clear that Volynkina had a great time, and not alone, but in “the best company.”

It is clear that Anna did not skate with her lover. After all, Arkhip Glushko recently left for Japan and, in theory, should not have returned yet. The former stripper did not specify in front of whom she twisted circles on the rink. But it is clear that in the absence of her beloved Melissa went rogue and decided to relax as much as possible. It remains to be hoped that this exit of Anya to people will not result in another scandal.

Source: Instagram

Photo source: Global Look Press/ Komsomolskaya Pravda

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