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In 2ß18 Austria’s national team still failed on the mission to rise in the Nations League to Bosnia. Now the goal is within your grasp.

05.55 a.m., November 17, 2020

Austria can position itself against Norway today ©

A draw against Norway is enough for today Austria already to the rise in the Nations League to fix. The exact effects of such a success are, however, not sufficiently known whether the competition is still young. Here is a brief overview of what the Foda Troop expected in case of success.

Attractive opponents

If the ÖFB-Elf succeeds in promotion to Pool A of the Nations League, duels with Europe‘s great football powers are in store. In the top grid are currently next to World champion France and European champion Portugal also top nations such as Belgium and England. Trials of strength with such heavyweights would probably help the development of the young Austrian team for future tasks. “In the A-League you are in the field of European football celebrities. To be there would be a dream for Austria,” emphasized the ÖFB President Leo Windtner in September towards the APA. In addition to the sporting aspect, the head of the association also referred to a “considerable economic background that plays a role”.

World Cup playoff place possible

In addition to the more attractive opponents, Austria could have an additional opportunity in the race for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 bring. After completing the regular qualification for the World Cup finals, twelve teams will contest the race for three remaining final round tickets. Ten of them are determined directly via the World Cup qualifying groups, the last two tickets go to the two best teams from the Nations League, which have not yet qualified otherwise.

Sporty leap forward

Unsurprisingly, success in the Nations League would automatically also result in the FIFA World Ranking reflect. Austria is currently ranking Rank 25 of the rating. With a renewed success over Norway and the associated rise, the ÖFB team would make up more places and approach the all-time high of 2015 when they finished tenth after an almost perfect European Championship qualification. The men in red, white and red could also do sport to play along with a track. The four group winners in Nations League Pool A meet in a final tournament to determine the winner of the competition.

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