What changes await Russians in July 2022?

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The growth of tariffs for housing and communal services, a reduction in the period for issuing a passport, a trip to the clinic without a policy and other changes await the Russians in July 2022. More details – in the material vtomske.ru.

Tariffs are rising

The increase in tariffs for housing and communal services will occur in Russia from July 1, 2022. In Tomsk, the growth will be from 4.9 to 8%, depending on the utilities. Tomsk residents will receive bills with new amounts in August, when they will have to pay utility bills for July.

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To the hospital without a policy

From July, when going to the clinic, it is not necessary to take a compulsory health insurance policy with you: along with it, you can present an identity document.

According to the State Duma, citizens will also not be required to choose their own medical insurance organization. If you do not submit an appropriate application, it will be determined by the territorial CHI fund.

Passport in five days

From July, the period for issuing a passport should not exceed five working days from the moment the documents are received by the Ministry of Internal Affairs from a citizen or an MFC.

At the same time, the period for issuing a document will not depend on the place of residence of the citizen, as well as his actual residence or the circumstances of the replacement of the document.

Certified guides

From July, only citizens of the Russian Federation can be guides and guide-interpreters on tourist routes in Russia. Mandatory certification of guides, tour guides and instructor-guides is also introduced. Violation of the requirements will face administrative liability, the State Duma reported.

Maintaining a living wage

Russians-debtors will be able to apply directly to the credit institution for saving the living wage from write-off. That is, income in the amount of the subsistence minimum can be protected, even if the recoverer transferred the writ of execution to the debtor’s bank without the involvement of bailiffs.

Recall that since February of this year, a law came into force that provides for the preservation of the subsistence minimum when collecting debts by bailiffs. Wages and other incomes equal to the subsistence minimum cannot be levied on executive documents.

Retirement savings protection

From July 1, non-state insurance pension funds will be required to return funds to Russians if the court finds that pension savings were illegally transferred from one NPF to another.

The point is, in particular, to protect citizens from the consequences of transferring money from one NPF to another without the knowledge of depositors.

Small Business Tax Regime

From July, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs registered for the first time will be able to use a new experimental tax regime – the Automated Simplified Taxation System (AUTS). The experiment will last until December 31, 2027 in Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga regions and the Republic of Tatarstan.

For those who take part in it, there will be less reporting and will not need to pay insurance premiums.

Social support through “Gosuslugi”

Disabled people who have vehicles in accordance with medical indications, or their legal representatives, will be able to apply for compensation of 50% of the cost of OSAGO through the public services portal.

Also, members of the families of fallen military personnel and law enforcement officers will be able to apply for social support measures through this portal. We are talking about payments in connection with the cost of housing, contributions for major repairs, housing and communal services and child benefits, the State Duma clarifies.

Grain quality control

Since July, state monitoring of grain and products of its processing has been introduced in Russia. The object of the study will be grain during the harvesting period in the place of its cultivation, the list of properties necessary for this is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Monitoring will be carried out to provide agricultural producers with reliable data about the product.

Simplification of registration

Citizens will be able to register at the place of stay or residence in any registration authority within the municipal district, and in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol – in any authority within the city.

You can also send an application and receive a certificate of registration in electronic form, through the public services portal.


Foreign citizens and stateless persons – winners and finalists of the all-Russian competitions of the platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” – will be able to obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation in a simplified manner: without a temporary residence permit.

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