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What is the difference in the voice of this “Poirot” in the Chinese dubbed version of “The Massacre on the Nile”?Fly into the homes of ordinary people

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“I like to talk, to have an audience, I am a pretentious person, I like to expose the truth of the case in front of people, and listen to them praise ‘Poirot is a genius’. But now I can only hope that I can be given another chance, I can talk to my friend Booker…more.” The voice of the great detective Poirot rang in his ears again, this voice was familiar and unfamiliar, full of self-blame, and tried his best to restrain his emotional ups and downs. At the same time as the release of the new version of the movie “The Massacre on the Nile”, the Chinese dubbed version of “The Massacre on the Nile” also met the audience on the big screen. The voice of the new version of Poirot was Liu Feng, the deputy director of Shanghai Studio. If you have watched the subtitled version of “The Massacre on the Nile” and heard Liu Feng’s words again, you will feel as if Poirot spoke Mandarin, “My voice is very similar to the new version of Poirot Kenneth Branagh.” Liu The wind laughed.

sound close to the original

In more than 30 years of dubbing career, Liu Feng used his voice to perform Po in “Kung Fu Panda”, Garfield in “Garfield”, Professor Snape in “Harry Potter”, and “The Matrix”. Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage in “Wind Whisperer” and a series of “classic characters”. His fate fluctuated with translations; colleagues around him changed batch after batch, from Liu Guangning and Tong Zirong of the older generation to the “post-90s” who are now full of catchphrases, and he has changed from a junior to a senior. , to start experimenting with the Internet Audiobook project.

Liu Feng shares his experience in dubbing work

Because of the popularity of subtitled movies, the voices of the actors in the original film have become preconceived, and the audience is more able to accept the Chinese dubbing that is close to the voices of the actors in the original film, “Alain Delon is a hoarse voice in real life, but Teacher Tong Zirong’s reinterpretation of Zorro has achieved a successful transformation. Now, young audiences may not accept such a transformation.” Liu Feng said. Express the essence of the times represented by the film in a tone that the audience can understand, and pass it on to young people. This is the effect Liu Feng wants to achieve through the new version of “The Massacre on the Nile”.

In the old version of “The Massacre on the Nile”, the tone of Poirot dubbed by Peak fluctuated greatly. If this feature is maintained in the new version, modern young audiences will definitely find it strange, but the inner emotional fluctuations of the characters still exist. The tone is natural and stable, and the strong emotions of the characters are accurately conveyed? This is a test for modern voice actors. The shooting style of the new version of the film has changed, and the understanding of the characters has also changed. We respect the original juice of the original film. The original flavor.” Liu Feng firmly remembered what Chen Xuyi, the old director of Shanghai Translation Studio, said: “The translation of the script must be tasteful, and the dubbing of the actors must be good.”

Embody the fullness of the character

“Poirot’s image in the old version of the movie is a little Belgian, a little funny and a little showy. In the new version of the movie, it explains why Poirot has a beard, why he has no family and no love life, so Poirot’s personality angle is more abundant. “Liu Feng said that in the movie, when Poirot mentioned his friend Booker, his tears fell instantly, which made people moved. In Liu Feng’s lines book, this paragraph is also highlighted. “The dubbing should start from the heart of the characters, not the appearance. I kept the flaws of the characters in the original film and kept the unclear parts as they were.”

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The translated film not only allows the Chinese people to understand the outside world, but also allows the outside world to understand China. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Translation Studio. Starting from “The Tragedy on the Nile”, Shanghai Translation Studio has embarked on the road of high-quality production. “The creative state and professionalism of the older generation of dubbing actors was a creative state that young people lacked. In this new version of “The Massacre on the Nile”, Mr. Qiao Zhen has handed over the creative concept and creative spirit to our young people. , from watching the original film to translation, first pairing, rechecking, rehearsal, dubbing, rehearsal, mixing and synthesizing, it has gone through a whole process, which is a necessary way to create a high-quality product. I think the new version of “The Massacre on the Nile” can be It represents the current level of our factory, and it can also represent the current translation level in China.” Liu Feng said. (Xu Yisheng, reporter of Xinmin Evening News)

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