What is the ideal temperature for good sleep?

2023-04-17 08:06:29

Who says summer, says vacation, sun and beach but also difficulty falling asleep due to hot flashes. It is therefore no coincidence that the ambient temperature of the room in which you fall asleep directly impacts the quality of your sleep! It’s time to look into the matter, don’t you think?

What is the ideal temperature for a bedroom?

This is a problem you could have done without! Despite the fatigue, sleep escapes you…. Your brain may be in “pause” mode, but nothing helps! Even your dear grandmother’s herbal tea changes nothing, that is to say! Understanding how your internal clock works is quite a headache! But why on earth can’t your body get the sleep it deserves? Surely, a biological rhythm problem, right? In reality, the reason may be simpler than it seems or more surprising, if you prefer! You don’t see what we’re talking about? Well, know that it’s all about the right temperature! Changes in temperature can affect the quality of your sleep. An increase in the degrees or even a heat peak can be enough to condemn the quality of your sleep.

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Seeking sleep: a daily problem – Source: spm

This was essentially demonstrated by a study carried out by Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen between 2015 and 2017, published in the journal One Earth on May 20, 2022 and reported by the Franceinfo site. The latter demonstrated that once the outside temperature had reached 25°C, the probability of not benefiting from restful sleep was multiplied by 3.5.

Therefore, here is the question that we must all ask ourselves: “what is the optimal temperature of a bedroom to avoid micro-awakenings as much as possible?”. It’s high time to answer them!

Why should the ambient temperature not exceed 19 degrees?

You did not expect it, yet it is obvious, the temperature of your bedroom impacts the quality of your nights sleep! You are suddenly lost… How to find the best temperature, you say to yourself. No need to panic!

Indeed, according to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, the temperature of the bedroom or the room in which you fall asleep, must oscillate between 16° and 18°C. This will therefore promote sleep while facilitating breathing, as specified by Dr. Alain Muzet.

You know what you have to do now to get a restful sleep!

What is the ideal temperature in a house at night to sleep well?

Another question that deserves to be raised. And you know what, the answer is not likely to surprise you more than that!

In general, it is advisable to have rooms at 18°C ​​in order to allow the natural regulation of your body temperature. This is what the energy supplier Engie did not fail to point out on its website.

Another piece of information you missed!

Another sleepless night

Another sleepless night – Source: spm

Should the indoor temperature be 19 degrees or 21 degrees for better sleep in winter?

But what about when the drop in temperature is felt? At the risk of surprising you, once again, the ideal temperature remains unchanged and must be between 16° and 18°C. It does not matter the change of temperatures relative to the seasons.

This was reported by the TF1 INFO site, which highlighted the role of our brain, more particularly the hypothalamus. The latter playing the role of thermostat, by lowering the body temperature in order to promote sleep. Hence the need to have a cool room providing the thermal comfort necessary to allow our body to initiate this process.

Another unsuspected power of our brain… Who would have thought!

Is it good to sleep at night in a cold bedroom or room?

If for some reason you prefer your bedroom to be cold when you go to bed, you will have to change your habits!

To put it simply, a temperature that is too cold or too hot, disturbs our body which tries to use energy to regulate our temperature which, de facto, delays the sleep phase. In other words, your body and your muscles are working to produce heat, which will make your sleep anything but restful.

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When the lack of sleep is felt

When the lack of sleep is felt – Source: spm

Suffice to say that the awakening is likely to be brutal!

As you will have understood, your sleep is closely linked to the temperature of your bedroom! If you can no longer close your eyes, you now know what this is partly due to. You know what you have to do, to reach the arms of Morpheus as quickly as possible…

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