What is the meaning of one person not entering the temple, two people not looking at the well?

Because popular sayings are mostly rooted in incidents that summarize people’s lives, they are found in many places. In many sayings, there is a saying “One person does not enter the temple, two people do not look, three people do not hug a tree”, surely many people will find it difficult to understand, are these things normal in our lives? Why did the ancients introduce it?

One does not enter the temple

Inviting to a “temple” always makes people feel a kind of sincere “reverence”, anyway many people have the habit of burning incense to the Buddha. Temples are often positive in the eyes of many people, because there are Buddha statues that people fear. There are three reasons why the ancients should not go to the temple alone:

First of all, to avoid suspicion, this is because many temples often have valuable things, such as money donated by pilgrims, gold and silver items donated by the rich, property donated by the royal family. ,… Therefore, in order to avoid suspicion, the ancients often would not go to the temple alone, anyway, sometimes it is easy to create bad things.

Second, for personal safety, due to the chaotic social environment of ancient times, many people gathered in temples and other places. And some deserted temples are even more dangerous, because those places are often where thugs and thieves live. Therefore, the ancients considered it inappropriate for one to go to the temple.

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Then there is the feeling of fear, because many temples are usually built in deep mountains or places far away from human habitation, and these places often give people a gloomy feeling, especially At night. In addition, many Buddha statues often have hideous eyes, so there is a saying “the temple does not enter alone”. This kind of view has not gone out of date yet, because it is not appropriate to go to a dangerous place alone, after all, in danger, it is difficult to ask for help from the outside world.

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You two don’t look down the well

The reason why the ancients said that two people should not look into the well together was actually to avoid suspicion and to ensure their own safety. Because if one of them accidentally fell into the water, the other person must have something difficult to say, anyway, it was only the two of them at that time. Another point is for your own safety, anyway the old saying ‘prevention is inevitable’. That is why the saying “Two people do not have the same well”, this saying is still very applicable to this day, because from ancient times it was said that ‘the heart and the mind are different’.

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Three people do not hug the tree

Many people, when they see some trees in the theater, often mean to hug, but the ancients did not encourage that. The ancients believed that when many people hug a tree, it is easy to tie their hands, of course, that does not mean that three people cannot hug a tree. The ancients only felt that it was easy to be caught by the bad guys, anyway, the ancients had a saying “only people’s hearts are difficult to understand”. Again: three people should not carry (lift) the tree at the same time, because three people holding the tree easily makes one person lazy.

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