What is the most popular game on Steam Deck?

valve at the end of july Here are the top 10 most played games. The order is sorted by the number of average daily users of the Steam Deck.

However, since Valve did not disclose the number of pure Steam deck users, the list contains the number of concurrent users based on PC.


Developer: Player First Games / Release date: 22.7.26 (open beta) / Number of recent concurrent users (based on PC): 50,000 to 100,000


Developer: poncle / Release date: 2021.12.17 (Early Access) / Number of recent concurrent users: 10,000 to 20,000


​Developer: Annapurna Interactive / Release date: 22.07.19 / Number of recent concurrent users: 4,000 to 10,000


​Developer: From Software / Release date: 22.02.25 / Number of recent concurrent users: 20,000 ~ 47,000


​Developer: Hello Games / Release Date: 16.08.13 / Recent concurrent users: 10,000 ~ 29,000


Developer: Super Giant Games / Release Date: 20.09.17 (official release) / Recent concurrent users: 5,000 ~ 9,000


Developer: Eric Baron / Release Date: 16.02.27 / Number of recent users: 30,000 ~ 45,000


Developer: Rockstar Games / Release Date: 15.04.14 (PC) / Number of recent concurrent users: 110,000 ~ 190,000


Developer: Valve / Release date: 22.03.02 / Number of recent users: 100


Developer: Capcom / Release date: 22.06.30 / Number of recent concurrent users: 30,000 to 80,000

First, No. 1 is a brawl-type action game developed by Player First Games, distributed by Warner Bros. and released as an open beta on July 26th. The game is played in a similar format to , and it is characterized by the appearance of cartoon and drama characters with IPs from Warner Bros. Typically, cartoon movies like me or DC comics characters like Batman or Wonder Woman appear.

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Maybe it’s because it’s a fighting game released on PC and features characters from various famous cartoons and dramas. After its release, it attracted attention from overseas youth gamers, and recorded up to 150,000 concurrent users in combination with PC and Steam deck. Even now, it maintains the number of concurrent users between 100,000 and 50,000, and is ranked at the top of Steam.

The reason why is played a lot as a steam deck seems to be because the control system can be played with a steam deck without too much trouble as it was made with reference to . The Steam Deck compatibility rating is also rated ‘Playable’, but it doesn’t affect gameplay, except that you have to manually type the on-screen keyboard to enter some text.

Unfortunately cannot be played in the Korean region as it has not yet been reviewed. except , , Indie games that can run smoothly even in a Steam deck environment are gaining popularity.

released by valve has a low number of concurrent users, but ranked 9th. It seems to have risen in the rankings because it is a free tutorial-like game optimized for Steam decks.​

recently released me Its popularity is also noteworthy. has recently been on PC and Nintendo Switch. Since the expansion pack was updated at the same time, it seems that the deck is being played a lot on Steam.​

Meanwhile, Steem Deck has been on pre-sale for Asia since August 4. There are three versions of the model with different capacities and other options, and the price is set at 589,000 won, 789,000 won, and 989,000 won, respectively.

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