What should applicants to enter UNT Medicine wear on the exam day?

Applicants to careers in Medicine and Nursing at the National University of Tucumán (UNT) must have a series of precautions when taking the exams that will take place from this Thursday 11.

The dean of the faculty disseminated the prevention measures, which start from an affidavit of health of the students, through an access circuit to the elements that they must carry, for example.

The logistics of the circulation of vehicles and people were also defined so that the place of the Medicine test can be adequately accessed, which will take place in the Central Córdoba and Caja Popular de Ahorros clubs, both located in Bolívar at 1300 , from 9 to 12.

“Applicants must present themselves in the time and manner assigned and by the planned access, equipped with personal protection elements (chinstrap or mask, alcohol gel), plus the necessary stationery (pen, black pencil, rubber, etc.) ) for the written test, all of which is detailed in the documents sent to those registered for the test, “it was specified in a statement.

1,492 applicants have been registered for the placement test in San Miguel de Tucumán, 37 applicants for the Valles Calchaquíes and 990 from the Salta headquarters. For this reason, there will be roadblocks, police checkpoints, identity verification and sanitation measures in the vicinity of the clubs. The SIprosa will also post ambulances and a fever clinic, with the capacity to perform swabs.

To avoid confusion, the Faculty requests that the list (alphabetically ordered) of those registered for the placement test be consulted on the institution’s website, where each applicant will find their commission number, where they must enter (street , club and access door) and time when you must appear. “Families are also asked to attend the test site alone, to avoid crowds that put their own biological safety at risk,” he added.

Points to consider:

– The written test will consist of 55 items with four options each, of which only one is the correct answer. With the four content areas placed in the following order: 10 Text Comprehension items; 15 items of Biology, 15 items of Chemistry and 15 items of Mathematics with Elements of Physics. You must pass it with 60% or more correct answers in each and every one of the content areas.

– The recovery instance will be informed in a timely manner the week following the exam on the Faculty website.

– Only those who are registered to take the 2020 entrance test will access the property where the test will take place.

– There a biological security perimeter will be established, so it is recommended not to attend with family members.

– Access doors will be enabled for an orderly entry by groups of applicants,

– Applicants are arranged alphabetically and grouped into commissions (see this distribution on the Faculty website: www.fm.unt.edu.ar)

– The applicant must appear at the assigned time, to facilitate their entry and location in the corresponding place.

– The applicant must prove their identity with their ID and must sign the relevant documents (affidavit and attendance sheet)

– In the place, you must comply with the social distancing and sanitation measures that have been planned.

– You will receive permanent instructions from the personnel assigned for this task, until you are at the test site.

– Once located in the assigned place and at the set time, the test will be delivered and must proceed to take it within the stipulated period of time.

– Once the test is finished, you must leave through the planned exit, which will be signposted.

– The day of the exam must be presented at 7.30. with ID or Passport in the corresponding access according to the list published on the faculty website.

– Due to the existing epidemiological situation, at the time of attending you must bring only the authorized items. If you go to the test site lacking any of these protection elements, you will not be able to enter the building and if you carry any element that is not allowed, it will be retained at the access door, with the risk of its loss.

Mandatory elements:


– Chinstrap

– Face mask or antiparras

– Alcohol in a bottle for personal use


– National identity document or passport, passport certificates are not accepted, or DNI in process.

– Affidavit attached, which is required by the UNT Covid 19 protocol for face-to-face exams (approved by the Ministry of Education of the Nation and COE Tucumán). It is also available on the Faculty website; You must download it, print it, complete it and take it with you on the day of the exam where you must sign it in the presence of the Faculty staff.


– Two black birome pens, black pencil and rubber.

– A small board to support the test sheets.

– Calculator without alpha numeric function.

– A bottle with water, sweets and a transparent bag for waste.


– They should not bring backpacks, wallets, cell phones, or any other item that is not listed above to the exam.


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