“What they did was very clever!” He takes apart the brand new PS5 Slim and finds out how far Sony has progressed compared to the original version

2023-11-07 18:20:03

News game “What they did was very clever!” He takes apart the brand new PS5 Slim and finds out how far Sony has progressed compared to the original version

Published on 07/11/2023 at 7:20 p.m.

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Unveiled almost a month ago, the new PS5 which we nickname “Slim” without this name really being adopted by Sony has finally been able to arrive in the hands of a few hand-picked users. One of them was able to dissect it in a video and reveals to us how the new version of the PS5 has progressed compared to the original version.

Sony has made progress with its new PS5

A month ago, Sony surprised everyone by announcing a new version of its PS5. Designed to be thinner and lighter but without changing performance or adopting the official title of “Slim” version, this new version of the console aims to replace the original once stocks of the latter have run out. But while its release is only scheduled for a few days for the Americans (and still has no specific date for the European market), YouTuber Dave2D (specializing in high-tech) was able to receive one and dissect it in detail during a video.

During the latter, we can see a little more precisely the difference in size between the two consoles, but above all we can discover one of the major new features of this new version: the removable disk drive. Where until now it was impossible to move from a Digital PS5 to a version with reader, the new PS5 intends to change the situation and in a particularly simple way. Indeed, To remove or add a disc drive to the new PS5, simply remove the shell of the latter and press a simple button to detach the drive. No need for a screwdriver or any other tool, a real boon for those who are afraid to take action. A particularly smart decision that will surely make many people happy.

An interior that reveals many things

Obviously, even if the removable hard drive is surely the most interesting addition for those who would not like to be limited in their choice when purchasing the console, it is not the only progress of the console . The rest is especially noticeable in the difference in size and weight, relatively significant to be called “Slim” even if Sony does not officially do so. Even better, the SSD included with the new version of the PS5 should offer 1 TB of storage compared to 850 GB currently. Finally, if the new PS5 will only be delivered with a horizontal support, Dave2D assures us that it is stable enough in itself to stand vertically, at least once the disk drive is installed. For more information on this subject, we let you discover his video above or our article on JVTech. Finally, we remind you that the new PS5 will be available at the same price as the current version.

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