What to do if the Screen Distance feature doesn’t work [iPhone e iPad]

2023-12-10 19:30:00

The resource Screen Distance (Screen Distance) arrived with iOS/iPadOS 17. With it, you can prevent your eyes from getting tired when holding your iPhone or iPad too close to your face — with warnings that appear on the screen to tell you to move away.

Despite the benefits, you may face some problems when using it in practice — which can occur for a variety of reasons.

Therefore, we have put together some tips to help you in these situations!

  • Despite being a feature of iOS/iPadOS 17 (which is available on several iPhone models), it only works on devices with a TrueDepth camera — responsible for Face ID.
  • Check whether the function is actually activated by going to Settings » Usage Time » Screen Distance.
  • Disable and enable the feature again if it is already on.
  • The Screen Distance feature is only activated when the iPhone/iPad detects that you hold the device less than 30 centimeters away from your face for some time (at least two minutes).
  • Check that the TrueDepth camera is not being obstructed by film, cover or dirt.
  • Check that your face is not obstructed.
  • Reset Face ID (in the feature settings), register your face again and check if it works.
  • Turn off Assisted Access by going to Settings » Accessibility » Assistive Access.
  • Restart your iPhone or iPad.

After these tips, did everything work as it should again? ????

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