When the footballer is a self-sufficient coach at home

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Yes, now the footballer is his coach. It is self-sufficient, at home. It must be by obligation. The pandemic has forced them to impose self-discipline on their own to obtain the best possible physical shape in their little house, from the hallway to the garden through the living room.

Professionals can use state-of-the-art technology to exercise very well between walls. Of course the field work, the long run, the crash, the shot on goal, the center and the dribble have to be done on the grass and it is impossible to work with your wife and the children next to you looking at you as if you were crazy, but all physical tests can be done to maintain fitness.

The devices dictate all the data to their physical trainers. They have to do a minimum of an hour and a half of physical training in the morning. Sometimes there are double daily sessions. The problem is that they break vases at home and the woman goes out to hit them with the mallet

Without your wife coming out with the mallet to hit you on the head because you have already broken two vases, each player has tension meters at home to know their status.

The footballer also uses heart rate monitors to measure the maximum effort they can reach in a performance limit. It is a good test of fitness.

Zidane, Simeone, Dupont, the “teacher” Ortega, all the technical bodies control their players, but it is they who train and who measure their telemetry, who hand over their physical trainers

The professional uses cardiac control of their pulsations per minute and control of effort recovery time.

The devices that each soccer player has received dictates all their data, which their physical trainers receive. They have to do a minimum of an hour and a half of physical training in the morning. There are also discontinuous periodic plans to do two sessions a day, morning and afternoon, at eleven in the morning and at seven in the afternoon.

Players work hard and know they can’t cheat on their bosses, nor do they think about it, because they would only be harmed themselves

Zidane, Simeone, Dupont, the “teacher” Ortega, all control
their players, but they are the ones who train and measure their data, which they transfer by telemetry and technology to their physical trainers.

They cannot deceive their bosses, nor do they think about it because they would only harm themselves. Work at home will be key to the return to the field and competition. They know.

Specialists say that two percent of form is lost every week locked up and their mission is to minimize this damage. .


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