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Easy savory recipes They are great allies for those who want to enjoy good food, but don’t have much free time to prepare their meals. Therefore, the following article brings you some of the best dishes, as well as the ingredients you should always have at home.

What are the best easy savory recipes?

The best easy savory recipes are those that don’t require a lot of preparation time, like risotto or grilled chicken.

Therefore, they must be made with quality ingredients and above all, they must be ready without much delay.

They can vary, therefore, depending on each person’s tastes and culinary preferences. Therefore, below are some very popular savory dish options:

  • spaghetti carbonara: pasta with eggs, parmesan cheese, bacon and black pepper;
  • risotto: creamy rice that can contain mushrooms, chicken, shrimp or vegetables;
  • grilled chicken: just season and grill until golden and cooked;
  • Caprese salad: made with tomatoes, cheese, basil, olive oil and vinegar;
  • special omelet: with eggs and cheese, vegetable or ham filling;
  • vegetable soup: prepared with various vegetables, broth and seasonings;
  • pasta with tomato sauce: one of the simplest and most common options;
  • chicken or tuna sandwich: protein with mayonnaise, onion and seasonings on bread;
  • stuffed baked potato: can include cheese, bacon, cream and chives;
  • Caesar wrap: pieces of chicken, lettuce, cheese and Caesar sauce rolled into a tortilla.
Easy savory recipes are practical and varied. Image from Freepik.

Basic ingredients for simple recipes

To prepare simple recipes, it helps to have a few basic ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator. So, the main ones include:

  • salt, a basic seasoning to enhance the flavor of food;
  • olive oil, a versatile oil for cooking and seasoning;
  • wheat flour, used for pasta, cakes, bread;
  • tomatoes, onions and garlic, as they are used to season various dishes;
  • spices, such as garlic powder, onion powder, oregano and thyme;
  • eggs, crucial for boiling, frying and roasting;
  • milk: very common in several bread and sweet recipes;
  • cheese, used for grating, slicing and even melting in dishes;
  • ground beef or chicken breast, for simple meat preparations;
  • vegetables in general.
Easy savory recipes: discover quick and tasty meals
Easy savory recipes make use of common ingredients like wheat flour. Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik.

How to choose fresh ingredients?

Look for bright colors, as well as a firm texture, without stains or bruises.

In other words, avoid products that appear to be rotten. Also, choose meat without bad odor. In fact, the fat should be white and evenly distributed.

It is worth remembering that this choice is crucial to the success of your recipes, as high-quality ingredients generate more intense tastes and, as a result, dishes with more flavor.

Easy savory recipes: discover quick and tasty meals
Easy savory recipes are ideal for quick meals. Image from Freepik.

Why are easy savory recipes ideal for quick meals?

Easy savory recipes combine flavor and agility in a dish that doesn’t take long to prepare, but is delicious. Furthermore, they require few ingredients and preparation steps, which saves time in the kitchen.

Likewise, you can adapt them according to what you have in your pantry, which makes it easier to use the items you have at the moment.


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