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Emanuele Pozzolo «white faced and completely in shock», who obsessively repeats «but could I have been shot?». But also Pozzolo was “altered by the intake of alcohol” or “resigned” in front of the police. The descriptions of the behavior of the deputy involved in the shooting at the New Year’s Eve party at the Pro Loco of Rosazza are numerous and full of nuances and are contained in the reports of the depositions given by the witnesses, both to the Carabinieri in the immediate circumstances of the facts , and in the following days before the magistrates of the Prosecutor’s Office. Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro described the parliamentarian as being in the throes of a sort of catalepsy after the shot.

Renzi-Delmastro sensational clash: DNA, complaints and dromedaries

Replying on 8 January to the prosecutor Teresa Angela Camelio and the deputy Paola Francesca Ranieri with the commander of the Carabinieri of Andorno Micca Marshal Alessandro Sabatini, Delmastro recalls that when he returned to the room (he was outside smoking a cigarette with some acquaintances of the daughter, after loading her car) «I noticed Pozzolo sitting near the table moved against the wall; in particular I remember that he was sitting halfway across the table, with his back towards the table. Afterwards he definitely got up and I think that was the moment when Campana said to him ‘why did you do that?’. In particular, I remember that Pozzolo was behind me when Campana spoke to him, but Pozzolo did not respond to him in any way.” At that point the suspect approached the undersecretary “white-faced and completely in shock, he said to me ‘but could I have shot him?’ two or three times, he was catatonic.”

New Year's Eve shooting, for the investigators it was Pozzolo: the reconstruction

«Honestly – Delmastro specifies – I didn’t know what to say to him and I didn’t answer him». If the undersecretary underlines how “I didn’t have the impression that (Pozzolo – ed.) was tipsy either before or after”, another witness explicitly describes the deputy’s evident state of inebriation. It’s Maverick Morello, son of Delmastro’s escort leader. Morello, describing the moment in which Pozzolo was introduced to him, tells the Carabinieri “I perceived that he was altered by the intake of alcohol”; an opinion shared by his sister Valentina Morello, wife of Luca Campana, the 31-year-old injured by the shot, who records that in his opinion Pozzolo was “evidently impaired, I think due to the intake of alcohol”. And Maverick also specifies that during the journey taken to transport Campana to the ambulance, Pozzolo “stumbled dangerously at least twice or three times, probably due to his state of intoxication”.

There will be no other tests, Pozzolo case: here's who the third DNA belongs to

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