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After yesterday’s clashes with the police, the students of La Sapienza University of Rome announced that they had embarked on a hunger strike today as a sign of protest and to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. The left-wing student organizations report this in a note. “We have decided to embark on a hunger strike chained under the rectorate of our university – they say -. We address all those whose consciences are shaken by the terrible images arriving from Gaza, by the worrying condition in which all the Palestinian territories under attack find themselves continuous, and by the increasingly real possibility of a generalized escalation of the war in the Middle East and beyond”, they say. “We arrived at the choice of this form of non-violent protest, after months of a heterogeneous and widespread mobilization which saw in various sectors of society a clear stance against wars, for a ceasefire, to stop the escalation in course which risks dragging the world into a piecemeal third world war, however, all this has only resulted in a worrying anti-democratic spiral which in the most extreme cases has also resulted in truncheons and repressive violence against male and female students, as are the latest known events. “, they add.

The pro-Palestine march arrives in San Lorenzo: at least one policeman injured |  VIDEO

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Some policemen were injured following clashes with a group of 300 Sapienza students in Rome who tried to break through the police cordon in Viale dell’Università. Due to the demonstrators’ attempt to force the blockade of the officers, scuffles broke out which were followed by lightening charges which led to the injuries of the policemen. “It is absurd that some small extremist groups from La Sapienza University attacked the Police Force, damaging the police cars with their fists and even attempted to attack the police station. We are going mad and I hope that serious and adequate initiatives will be taken in the against these madmen intent on defending ideologies in absolute contrast with our constitutional principles and values”, declared Maurizio Gasparri. “It’s one thing to demonstrate for your ideas, it’s another thing to praise Hamas and attack the people in uniform who are constantly engaged in the defense and security of our country. The rector of La Sapienza Polimeni University has done well, to whom I express all my my solidarity, not to accept their requests. We will not be intimidated by these thugs. They will never win. We are on the side of Israel and democracy”, added the president of the Forza Italia senators.

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