Who are the new directors appointed in Enap, Codelco and the port companies

Gloria Maldonado Figueroa (58 years old) is Chilean-Canadian. She studied middle school and high school in Montreal. And her degrees were already in Chile. He is trilingual: he speaks Spanish, English and French and has more than 25 years of experience in companies linked to innovation, technology transfer, market intelligence processes, investment attraction, technological benchmarking, project evaluation, process improvement and cost savings. means.

Maldonado is today the new president of the National Oil Company (Enap). On Saturday, Gabriel Boric appointed her to that position, which was temporarily held by engineer José Luis Mardones. On April 27, she Maldonado had assumed as president of Correos de Chile, a position in which she would continue. The previous president of Enap, Fernando Massú, for example, also led Polla.

“Very honored to be able to contribute from my perspective of technological innovation. Thanks to the workers of @Enap_Informa for their warm welcome, “said Maldonado on her Twitter.

His career has been strongly linked to the energy industry and innovation. Today she is executive director of the association that brings together researchers and developers in marine renewable energy. She previously worked for almost a decade at Corfo, between 2005 and 2014, coordinating the investment attraction programs in biotechnology and biomedicine and was deputy director in various areas of InnovaChile. In 2014, she arrived at the pharmaceutical multinational Pfizer. She has also actively participated in organizations to promote female leadership such as Mujeres Empresarias, ComunidadMujer and StartUpChile, advising technological entrepreneurs.

Enap’s board of directors is made up of seven members, all appointed in partial by the President of the Republic. But four of them are appointed after receiving shortlists from the Senior Public Management Council (ADP); two are appointed directly by the president and the seventh is proposed by the company’s workers. Until Saturday, there were five members: Mardones, Anita Holuigue, Rodrigo Azócar, Rodrigo Manubens, and Marcos Varas for the workers. Now, Gloria Maldonado joins, and the table was completed with the former Minister of Energy of the second government of Michelle Bachelet -between 2016 and 2018-, Andres Rebolledo (54 years old, PS), who knows Enap closely.

Rebolledo, in fact, was the last Minister of Energy who presided over the company, between January and May 2017. That year, the corporate governance of the state-owned company was reformulated, and such a position was no longer occupied by the head of the portfolio. Economist from the University of Chile, he has been General Director of International Economic Relations (Direcon) and since 2018 he was an independent consultant. He was also dean of the Faculty of Administration, Finance and Business at SEK University.

“I have 30 years of experience and leadership experience in Chile, predominantly in mining.” so described Alejandra Wood On Instagram. Until today, Cesco’s executive director worked for more than eleven years at Minera Escondida, after which she led the External Affairs area of ​​the latter’s parent company, BHP Billiton. She was there until 2009 and after passing through Scotiabank as manager of the Corporate Affairs division and leading the Gabriela Mistral GAM Center, she returned to mining with Cesco.

On Sunday, the government of Gabriel Boric named her the new director of the state mining company. Initially, the person chosen had been the aquaculture engineer, Pamela Chávez. Her candidacy was invalidated, after not having a career that will last 10 semesters, despite having postgraduate degrees and doctorates. Now Wood will be the one who arrived on behalf of the president, in addition to the lawyer Josefina Montenegro and the president of the table, Máximo Pacheco.

Codelco’s board has nine members and needs at least seven to meet. After the invalidation of Chávez, Montenegro, Pacheco, the former minister Pedro Pablo Errázuriz, the businessman Isidoro Palma, the former Codelco Juan Enrique Morales and the lawyer Patricia Núñez…that is, six remained. Boric had until this Thursday – the day the table met – to name a new name and reach a quorum. And there came Wood.

Alejandra Wood has been critical of the constitutional discussion around mining. She two weeks ago she said Pulse that: “the discussions to which its regulatory framework is subject are extremely sensitive to its long-term prospects. The industry is especially attentive to the constitutional discussion, and what we are seeing in terms of trends augurs a totally opposite perspective to the stability that mining requires. This causes damage not only to the industry, but to the country as a whole.” He added that: “The Convention’s debate on the institutional design of the country is introducing a lot of noise and forces the actors to make only urgent decisions, and investment and project decisions normally are not. Therefore, it is difficult for us to materialize the portfolio of investment projects that Cochilco indicates in the medium term”, pointed out Wood. Cochilco’s project portfolio plans to disburse US$68,925 million in 51 initiatives, between 2021 and 2030.

Of the seven names of the table, there are two that must be designated at the proposal of the unions, quotas that were vacant years ago. One was filled on Sunday: the president of the Industrial Union for Labor Integration of the Andean Division, SIIL, Nelson Caceres, will arrive on behalf of the Federation of Copper Workers, FTC. Coincidentally, the union he leads was just yesterday for its anniversary, it turned 31 years old.

The interests of Cáceres – highlighted the portfolio in charge – lie in the strategic processes of the work environment, environment and sustainability, with emphasis on solving problems of workers in diverse and technically complicated cultural environments. Her experience in the market, labor standards, gender, inclusion, communities and the environment is highlighted.

Between Friday and Monday, the government also appointed the directors of the port companies that depend on the System of Public Companies, an organization that is responsible for appointing the representatives in the 10 state companies in the sector.

In the port company of Valparaíso he assumed the presidency Luis Eduardo Escobar, economist from the University of Chile, Master of Arts at the University of Maryland, advisor to former Minister of Finance Nicolás Eyzaguirre, business advisor and consultant to international organizations. Previously he was director of the State Railway Company (EFE) and Metro. He was also a senior official of the International Monetary Fund. In 2009 he supported Marco-Enríquez Ominami and in 2017 he supported the candidacy of Alejandro Guillier.

At the port company of San Antonio, meanwhile, she arrived as president Sally Bendersky, a chemical civil engineer from the University of Chile who has held various public positions: she was head of the Higher Education division of the Ministry of Education and Chilean ambassador to Israel. Her port activity is not unknown to her: from 2016 to 2016 she chaired the board of the Coquimbo Port Company.

Two other women were also nominated to lead companies in the sector. She is the commercial engineer and Bachelor of Economic Sciences from the University of Chile, Miriam Fliman, and the industrial civil engineer from the same university, Maria Magdalena Balcells. Fliman assumed as owner of the Port of Antofagasta; a company in which she was director between 2017 and 2018, as well as former Counselor of the Public Companies System (SEP) where she was president of the Ports Committee. Balcells, meanwhile, becomes president of the Puerto Iquique port company. Until now, she was general manager of the Association of Plastics Industry (Asipla), and had previously been director of Zofri, director of Strategic Management and Public Affairs of Codelco and advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

2018 was the last time Julian Goñi Melias led a port project. Until that year, he was vice president of the Chacabuco Port Company, now he was appointed to assume the presidency of the Puerto Montt Port Company. In Chacabuco, meanwhile, the former general manager of the company arrived as president Enrique Runin Zuniga.

Goñi is a public administrator, Master in Territorial Economic Development and doctor in Regional Economy from the University of Seville, is executive director of the Corporation for the Development of the Province of Osorno and advisor to the Municipality of Iquique. He worked for several years at Otway Consultores, directing projects in Colombia and Paraguay.

In the Austral port company, the former mayor of Valparaíso was appointed in two periods -between 1997 and 2000, and 2015 and 2018- Gabriel Aldoney Vargas. The mechanical engineer was director of the dissolved Chilean Port Company (Emporchi) and director of Planning for the Ministry of Public Works, as well as advisor to the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.

In Puerto Arica, his former general manager took over Mario Moyaand in Puertos de Talcahuano the civil engineer and associate professor at the University of Concepción, Alexander Tudela.

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