WHO warns Omikron not yet at the end of the near future

Director of the World Health Organization It warns the dangers of thinking that the Omikron will be the last species to emerge and the world is coming to an end of the outbreak.

On Jan. 24, 65, Tedros Adhanom Ghebrejesse, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), warned the world that It is considered too dangerous. To think that the ‘Omicron’ strain of coronavirus will be the last one to occur And the world is coming to the end of the epidemic.

​Mr Tedros said the world had only been exposed to the ‘Omicron’ strain of coronavirus in just nine weeks or two months. But this species Has caused the outbreak to go very quickly. There have been 80 million cases of this omikron worldwide. which is more than those infected with other types of covid together for the entire year of 2020

Mr Tedros reiterated that such conditions were “favorable conditions” for the spread of other strains of the coronavirus. can be renewed in the near future which the world should be more careful with

However, Mr Tedros stressed that the world still has a way to get out of the COVID-19 pandemic if the world takes action and tackles it urgently. whether it is to speed up the diagnosis accelerating vaccination more seriously

The number of people infected with COVID-19 The latest global cumulative total is 353,837,903 million people and 5,619,172 deaths, of which the United States has the most cumulative number of infections at 72,118,380.

As of Jan. 23, 65, the United States had 282,342 new cases of the virus on a daily basis, followed by India in second place, which is highly eye-catching. India’s daily infections jumped sharply to 306,064 yesterday and the cumulative total to 39,543,328.

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