Why are Kim Giac and Ngan Giac monsters so popular with many subordinates?

Having an accident in Binh Lien Son is a challenge that Quan Am Bodhisattva has staged.

Guan Yin Bodhisattva personally went to see Thai Thuong Lao Quan 3 times, borrowed two pupils to guard Lao Quan’s alchemy furnace, and borrowed 5 treasures, then silently created a situation – took Binh Dinh Son Lien Hoa Dong as a “battlefield” for the great evil war, to sharpen the team to ask for scriptures.

Do not dig into the details of this particular tribulation, in Journey to the west4 teachers and students Tang Tang are not only the only characters interested, the appearance of youkai is an indispensable spice in the length of the film, attracting readers’ curiosity.

Golden Horn and Silver Horn

Dominating the land of Binh Lien Son, Kim Giac and Ngan Giac Dai Vuong is the fear of the mountain god and the land.

They are generous with their supernatural powers, forcing the mountain gods to come and serve them every day, killing people without fear, but, for their subordinates, Kim Giac and Ngan Giac are benevolent and generous.

Specifically, Ngan Giac Dai Vuong used magic to control the three mountains of Tu Di, Nga Mi, and Thai Son, pressing down on Ton Ngo Khong.

At the same time, he gave two delicate demons, Trung Linh Loi, used Tu Kim Ho Lo – “Purple rose gold gourd” to capture Wukong.

However, despite being “subtle” and “smart”, but in the middle of the way, the two little monsters were deceived by Ton Ngo Khong.

In order to deceive the goblins, Wukong decided to recite a spell to receive Du Than, and Ngu Phuong Yet Emperor came and said: “You go up to the Jade Emperor right away, old Ton takes refuge righteously; protect Tang Sang and go to Tay Thien. If you take the sutra to raise it, you’ll definitely get back, the master has a disaster, the demon has a treasure, now I intend to trick it into exchanging it, belatedly calling someone, lend me the heavens to pack it for half an hour, help me succeed. for, I will go straight to Linh Tieu Palace to stir up the sword.”

Thanks to the help of Na Tra, using magic to cover the sky, the two little demons were ripped off by Wukong and took away precious treasures.

Eager to bring the precious vase back to the cave, although knowing that the two little elves were deceived and lost valuables, Kim Ngan Giac did not scold or punish him severely, Ngan Giac only rebuked and comforted him by giving precious wine and reminding him. : “Next time, remember more clearly”.

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Journey to the West: Why are Kim Giac and Ngan Giac monsters so popular with many subordinates?  - Photo 2.

That detail can see that their nature is not so bad.

Because Kim Giac and Ngan Giac were originally a pair of fairies living in the heavenly palace of Thai Thuong Lao Quan, listening to teachings every day, and their cultivation was not mediocre, so in the end, the nature of this monster is not so bad. distant.

In addition, the matter of dehumanizing love was not the original intention but was “asked” by Guan Yin, so perhaps Kim Giac and Ngan Giac were reluctant to follow, so for the other little demon, these two great kings do not want to show prestige or prove bravery. That makes Kim Giac and Ngan Giac respected and loved by many subordinates.

The interesting thing in this part is that two characters that appear briefly but have great human meaning. These are the Delicate Devil and the Clever Worm.

The meaning of these two names is to talk about gaining fame and how to deal with fame and gain.

Although we know that in life we ​​need to be subtle and clever, but on the path of spiritual practice, these two things are small monsters that need to be eliminated.

If a cultivator has this kind of attachment, perhaps he is actually being obstructed and deceived by demons.

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