Why can’t Sunny Leone be a mother? – Life & Style

Indian actress Sunny Leone is popular in South Asia including India and Pakistan due to her item songs in Bollywood movies, but the actress is very sensitive about her children.

Sunny Leone is carrying her work and Mamata along, although she faces difficulties in this regard, she considers herself lucky to be a mother.

Sunny Leone is happy to be a mother because the first time she decided to become a mother, she faced failure and disappointment.

She had revealed that when she underwent IVF treatment, it was revealed that she was unable to become a mother despite the treatment, much to the dismay of both Sunny Leone and her husband.

While regarding the adoption of a baby girl, Sunny Leone said that we had to think a lot about adopting a daughter, whether we will be able to fulfill this responsibility. After which they arrived at a logical decision for adoption.

That is, the age difference between the two sons born through IVF and the adopted daughter is 2 years.

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2024-04-16 00:20:50

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