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Why could they deny or cancel this document?

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The decision to revoke the visa can occur in Washington D.C. Department of State., or at the official consult of the consulate.

In accordance with White & Associatesevery year it thousands of visas canceled for different reasons, which is why it has become more frequent “prudential renewal” of visas.

Revocation process

Please note that before your visa is revoked, the consular officer must summon the visa holder to the consulate for an interview so that the visa holder can demonstrate why the visa should not be cancelled.

When this document is cancelled, the official manager will write the word ‘canceled’ or ‘revoked’and must notify the person of the legal reasons for which the visa was cancelled.

Hay three situations reasons why your visa can be cancelled:

  • be a holder inadmissible to the United States for reasons of security, criminality, medical, financial, among others.
  • If the holder does not comply with the requirements for the visa category.
  • If a reason is suspected iinadmissibility or ineligibility.

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It should be noted that when a visa is revoked it is not valid, nor can it be used to request or enter the United States.

Situations for which you can be denied a visa

If you wish to enter US territory, you must apply for a visa according to the reason for your trip. However, the visa can be denied for different reasons.

  • wrong information
  • false data
  • Failure to comply with immigration laws
  • Not checking that your visa is temporary
  • drug-related crimes
  • criminal offenses
  • Insufficient financial resources
  • Pregnancy could be causal

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