Why J Balvin Chose to Rise Above Controversy: The Artist’s Unfiltered Explanation

2023-12-07 11:40:00

The renowned Antioquian artist J Balvin, recognized for giving his opinion in various situations, shared for the first time the reasons behind his decision not to respond to criticism from Residente and other artists.

In a video recorded while traveling in a vehicle and shared on his social networks, the reggaeton singer expressed his gratitude to those followers who stayed by his side during difficult times. In a calm tone, J Balvin explained why he chose not to respond to certain criticisms.

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“Thank you to those who did not leave when the storm came that I went through with so many stories and so many things. And if you’re wondering why I didn’t answer, because that’s not worth answering. It’s time to give an example. In values, ethics are above business,” said the artist.

J Balvin emphasized that he prefers to focus on other aspects and ignore the controversies: “I am not here to enter circuses and things that are not part of my life. So thanks to those who were there. And there is no need to compare myself with any artist, with whom I am stuck. Everyone makes a world and Balvin is Balvin. I know what I have done and will do for the movement in Colombia. Nothing or no one can take that away from me. I know what I have done to change the globalization of our music. And no one takes away my ‘bailao,’” he added.

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The musician also highlighted the Latin rise in music, recognizing the contribution of previous artists like Yankee, stating: “Before they didn’t give us the place we deserved. Obviously this comes from behind. From Yankee and all of them who had already paved the way for us.”

Concluding his message, the reggaeton artist stated that, just as he had the strength to distance himself from the industry at certain times, he also has the necessary strength to “reinvent” himself.

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