Why make the natural history of sexual pleasure?

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Why make the natural history of sexual pleasure? Much more shared than we thought by other animals, would sexual pleasure be one of the main engines of evolution?

Let’s take a look at fun today! Sexual and amorous pleasure in other animals: from the crocodile to the snail, obviously including the pig and the bonobo, but also octopus, bats, rats and birds! 95% of animal species think only of that and not just to reproduce as we have pretended to believe for so long! Why and how are pleasure, enjoyment, seeing orgasm so well and so much shared? What if sexual pleasure was the main driver of evolution? What could be better than well-shared sex to provoke encounters and ensure biodiversity …

With Thierry Lodé, professor in evolutionary ecology and specialist in animal sexuality, for his new book published by Odile Jacob Natural history of amorous pleasure


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