Why Mohamed Salah Couldn’t Move to Al-Ittihad Club: Legal Expert Reveals Contract Details

2023-09-15 03:52:00

Hey Koura – There was a wide reaction among the fans of Al-Ittihad Club after the tweet published on Twitter by the famous legal expert Ahmed Al-Amir, in which he spoke about the reason behind the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah not moving from Liverpool to the ranks of the captain during the Mercato last summer.

The prince specifically said: “Salah was unable to accept Al-Ittihad Club’s offer, because his contract does not allow him to do so. How and why? Last season, he renewed his contract with Liverpool for three seasons. There is no penalty clause in the new contract that allows the player to leave if he receives any offer from abroad.

“Salah is 31 years old, which means that the player is still in the protected period of his new contract, and therefore, even if there is a penalty clause and he is paid by the player and moves to Al-Ittihad, there is a possibility at that time to be suspended by FIFA if his club, Liverpool, files a complaint against him, because The player is considered to have terminated his contract without a legitimate reason within the protected period, which requires the imposition of a sporting penalty, which is suspension for a period ranging between 4-6 months.”

After the prince’s tweet, the reactions of many experts in the field of law contradicted this point of view, because the Al-Ittihad club negotiated with Liverpool and sent a delegation to the English club more than once and did not do anything without his knowledge. On the contrary, the dean’s behavior was sophisticated by not putting pressure on Salah. Or asking him to rebel against his club, so there is nothing condemning the Jeddah Federation in this file, and if he had contracted with him, the deal would have been 100% legal.

The same also applies to Salah’s position, which was legal, because he informed the Saudi negotiator that the whole matter was up to his club. If Liverpool had agreed, he would have transferred without any legal problems.

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