Why Raush’s Angry Outburst Made Headlines on ‘MasterChef’ Colombia: An Inside Look

2023-06-10 15:38:31

‘MasterChef’ is one of the most watched programs of Colombian nights and is not only enjoyed by the participants who challenge their skills, but also by the judges, who in each season have a lot of fun with the challenges they are given. However, Raush was not very happy in the June 9 episode and he did a tremendous show on the show.

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It is normal that one challenge seems easier than another, that there are days in which the participants do not do well, because they do not know all the recipes and sometimes they can’t match the tastes of the jurors, which causes them to rate them poorly.

Why did Raush, from ‘MasterChef’, get angry with the participants?

In the episode of June 9, Raush got angry because all the dishes that the participants presented were not designed for him to like, which not only annoyed him, but even caused him to rate everyone badly:

“Unlike Chris and Nico, I didn’t do well with the dishes”Raush stated.

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The participants were aware of this and even Internet users compared him to Squidward from SpongeBob because of his bored face at the end of the program.

It was certainly not a good episode for Raush, who ended up almost disappointed with all the participants, since he is one of the ones who gives the most clues regarding his gastronomic tastes.

However, it is possibly just another “tantrum” as some viewers classified it.

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