“Why spend money and shoot nonsense?”: why the audience is not enthusiastic about Major in Sochi

“Major” has not lost its popularity among Russians for several years. At first, the formula for the success of the project was simple: a famously twisted and high-quality plot and the participation of the actor Pavel Priluchny, who played Igor Sokolovsky or, in fact, Major. Now, when watching the continuation of the old story, viewers have questions.

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The fourth season of the series “Major” disappointed many fans of this tape, several years long. A lot of netizens noted that the director should have stopped and did not shoot anything else. A plot sucked from the finger, an uninteresting play of actors, and so on – these are some of the few complaints that people have expressed in relation to the fourth Major.

Of course, the season also received positive reviews. And, perhaps, after a few weeks, talk about a continuation that was not very successful compared to previous seasons would have subsided if at the same time the hype around the full-length film Major in Sochi had not begun. If you go to the thematic forums, you can see that people are still arguing about how bad the film turned out to be.

The plot of the picture is simple: Igor Major, his friend Vanya and the daughter of the protagonist Sonya come to Sochi to build a hotel. And from the very first minutes, the characters get into unpleasant adventures, the consequences of which have to be disentangled for the rest of the timing. Everything is classic: a lot of sassy Major, fights, shooting and flirting. There is an opinion that the full meter was filmed exclusively for fans of the story with Priluchny, but even under this condition, many fans were dissatisfied with the tape.

Even the heroine Vita Kornienko got it. Sokolovsky’s daughter Sonya really only does the whole movie, either running away or getting into another scrape. But there is a much more serious claim to the project: the authors of the script once again decided that relatives should again suspect Sokolovsky of betrayal, and he again needs to prove his innocence … And this has been going on since the first season. It is not surprising that the reviews for Major in Sochi are mostly disappointing. Fans involuntarily begin to think that there is nothing to shoot about Sokolovsky.

“Why waste money and shoot nonsense?”; “The film should not have been made. Disappointment”; “If Major 4 was quite watchable, then this film is a clear failure”; “In the film, this is what upset and pissed me off: for the entire fourth season, Vanya does not believe Igor and, without knowing it, helps the criminal kill people. And then again, when they came to demolish Igor’s buildings, no one believed that he had not agreed on this. And Vanya too. How can?” – write dissatisfied Internet users.

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