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Wild Pigs Kill 60 Goats – “It’s a Crime Scene”

by archyde

The pigs are loose: In a city in New Zealand, the wild animals are currently causing enormous problems. The population appears to be increasing.

There is a problem in a New Zealand town: wild pigs killed about 60 young goats from a breeder in just one month. The owners of the goat’s milk farm explained that often all that was left was gnawed bone fragments and parts of the hooves and head. “It’s a real crime scene,” said Naomi Steenkamp, ​​co-owner of the farm, the British “Guardian”.

The city’s mayor has confirmed that the wild pig population has increased significantly, causing problems for local residents. Just last week, an animal weighing 120 kilograms broke through the Steenkamp fence and got up to 20 meters from the house, Naomi Steenkamp wrote on social networks. It was the largest animal that you have seen so far. Her husband shot the boar.

The mayor expects the population to increase. Therefore, a hunter has now been commissioned to kill the animals around the city. The wild pigs are descended from normal domestic pigs that arrived on colonial ships in the late 17th century. They are found in about a third of the country, according to the report, and are known to destroy native ecosystems and pastures, eat newborn animals and transmit bovine tuberculosis.

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