“Wild Star Couples” Visit Ningxia Night Market, Dress Up Too Amateur, Take Off Masks and Eat Ice: No One Pays Attention to Us | Entertainment | CTWANT

Taiwan 8 goddess Li Liangjin married Zhang Fengqi in 2019, and just gave birth to a son in 2021. At that time, she was still trying to lose weight and announced that she would return to the 8 o’clock position to film “Family Reunion”. As a result, she was pregnant with 2 children by accident and resigned from the show. . She, who often shares her life through social platforms, revealed that she recently followed Zhang Fengqi and her baby son. The family of three went out to visit the Ningxia night market. Although she took off her mask and ate ice in the middle, the whole process of visiting the night market was not recognized by the public. He also revealed: “No one pays attention to us.”

Li Liangjin and Zhang Fengqi visit the Ningxia Night Market. (Photo/Photo taken from Li Liangjin’s Facebook)

Recently, Taipei just got out of the rainy season. The high temperature and heat are unbearable every day. Li Liangjin posted the day before yesterday (29th), revealing: “It’s too hot…I came to the night market to eat some cold food…” In the photo, she is not only holding her second pregnancy belly Appearing at the Ningxia night market, her husband Zhang Fengqi also acted as a human-flesh stroller. On a hot day, he carried his son to the night market. Li Liangjin said with a smile: “My son really doesn’t like riding in a stroller, so I can only work hard for my father to carry it all the way to the end.”

And Li Liangjin and Zhang Fengqi, the celebrity couple, were carrying bags on their backs and walking around the night market with their children in the heat of the day. When the family of three was eating, they once took off their masks to eat, but no one around seemed to notice them. The dining passers-by are actually stars. Some netizens were curious and asked in a message, which store in the Ningxia night market should I go to so that I can be so lucky to be able to see the gods and goddesses in person? Li Liangjin smiled back: “No one pays attention to us.”

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