Will Evan Fournier be transferred on Thursday? In any case he will know after his nap

Very prominent last night in the Knicks’ victory against the Sixers, Evan Fournier was able to have fun as had not happened for a while. But despite this unexpected appearance, the French rear has a good chance of being transferred by the trade deadline on Thursday evening.

Funny story yesterday at the Madison.

National anthem, RJ Barrett is not at best and Evan Fournier understood it, yay he should integrate Tom Thibodeau’s rotation against the Sixers. Three hours later? 17 pawns in the bag, a victory and a big activity, it will not change the destiny but it feels good.

Destiny ? A transfer not “inevitable” by Thursday but strongly desired by the player and his entourage, we imagine it, in any case we imagine above all that Vavane would just like to be able to play a little basketball, you know his job there. Besides, yesterday, it seems that it did him good:

“Help the team win? It was kind of like a nice one night stand.”

Regarding the trade deadline, scheduled for Thursday evening at 9 p.m. sharp, Evan Fournier was questioned postgame and first of all admitted that he did not know the time or the date of the said deadline, before giving us a little teaser on his trade program. Thursday, at a time when the editorial staff of TrashTalk will slam their finest squats between each transfer that falls.

“I’m going to go take my nap, and when I wake up…if I’m traded I’m traded, that’s how it is, that’s life.”

Glad to know that it won’t prevent him from sleeping, his mattress is probably super soft by the way, and all we want is to see again very quickly beautiful photos with new landscapes. Deal?

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