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2024-01-29 19:16:43

This Monday, the secretary of the Chief of Staff, María Pasqualini, gave details about this new edition of the Confluence Festival in Neuquén. She stood out the significant number of sponsors that the event will have and highlighted the generation of thousands of jobs.

«More than 200 companies said yes to this National Confluence Festival, one of the most important events in the country,” highlighted Pasqualini. And in turn, he assured that this edition of the festival will generate more than 12,000 jobs.

“I want to thank very much the small, medium and large local and regional companies that sponsor and have decided to accompany the municipality so that the Festival can go ahead“said the secretary of the Chief of Staff.

María Pasqualini on the grounds of the Confluence Festival. Photo: Courtesy.

In addition, he highlighted the cost that this party will have for the municipality of Neuquén: «With Mayor Mariano Gaido we say that this event will always be at zero cost for the municipalitywhich has a fiscal balance and surplus to continue investing in public works and in the creation of subdivisions with services.”

Confluencia Festival 2024 in Neuquén: the doubts that were generated about its realization

The secretary of the Chief of Staff, María Pasqualini, gave details about the organization of the event and assured that at first they consulted about holding the party. “At some point we had the question if the Confluence Festival It should be done or not due to the situation that the country is going through and to which we are no strangers.«, he stated. But he highlighted the important support they received from the different sectors: «When we raised it with the gastronomic, hotel and tourism agencies sectors, They responded that it had to be done.«.

«These 200 companies embraced the concept of an event that should be carried out as an important tourist and cultural anchor.”, he stressed.

In this sense, Pasqualini stated that the festival “has already taken root at the national level. The tourist providers told us that there are many inquiries about families and tourists who would come from other provinces and also from Chile”.

Regarding job creation, the official celebrated the number of direct and indirect jobs that are generated: “There are between 12,000 and 15,000 jobs“We have the special support of entrepreneurs who are already working hard to participate.”

Furthermore, he recalled that the event It will have 85% free and open accessso the vast majority of residents will be able to fully enjoy all the shows.

“We are happy, motivated by all this that is happening, but also, we have a great sense of gratitude to These 200 companies that have said yes to the Confluence Festival”, he reiterated.

Finally, he called on “those who do not have their ticket to acquire it to access the preferential sector, which will allow them enjoy up close the important artists who come to perform in our city”.

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