will holidaymakers choose the Vosges?

The department of Vosges welcomed many tourists in search of greenery after confinement. Holidaymakers are again expected for the All Saints holidays. Sylvie Verneret came to the Vosges to enjoy the countryside with her family: “It’s very pretty, the landscape is magnificent, we want to discover a little more“, she explains, in the 12/13 edition of Saturday, October 17. Will there be many tourists? The coronavirus pandemic and the new restrictions are once again shaking up the certainties of hoteliers.

In a hotel Gérardmer (Vosges), reservations remain timid. “For now, we are waiting. We have planned work but we do not dare to do it too much. Every year in November, work is done in the hotel. This year, we will do the minimum, not knowing what awaits us later“, explains Laetitia Bourgeois, hotel manager. The hotels are slow to fill up, but many tourists are turning to last minute reservations.

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