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The issue is real, and it is possible that a former actress and a member of the royal family could take a seat in the US Congress. Already, Megan and Harry are beginning to manifest themselves in public, as is not accepted by members of the royal family. Namely – to talk about politics. That is why Elizabeth II of Great Britain has finally broken all ties with her grandson’s family.

Megan and Harry are expecting their second child, and this message is still important to readers and TV viewers in the UK. The way this news was told is, of course, surprising to the British. The information came in the form of a photo. In this way, the royal family does not tend to inform about the growth of the family. In publicity photography, Megana is lying on the lawn in a light dress. Her hair is caressed by her husband, and they are both smiling. Harry barefoot in the foreground and a sunlit tree in the background. The picture is reminiscent of an episode of the average family album and has nothing to do with the way the royal family understands and reproduces such things. “Creating children is the responsibility of women in the royal family. Megan and Harry’s next child is the eighth in a row to the British throne. Here, in this photo, Megan has put her hand on her stomach, which means that this is her child, not just one of Windsor, ”emphasizes Jonathan John, an art critic at The Guardian. A moment later, after the publication of this photograph, Queen Elizabeth II deprived the couple of both the titles and the remaining opportunities for royal representation. The links were completely broken.

Harry and Megan’s family time has been dramatic. After the marriage of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Harry and American actress Megan Mark, conflicts began with the young man’s family. As a result, the Dukes of Sussex left the country to settle beyond the Atlantic. The two then began to express their views on politics. In addition, before the US presidential election, the two even participated in the pre-election campaign with their video, calling for the prevention of violence, hatred and misinformation. Seen from the sidelines – nothing inappropriate. However, the initiative was later harshly criticized in the media by an anonymous source from Buckingham Palace. With this, both have “gone too far” in the unauthorized zone. The main problem is that Harry, despite leaving his grandmother’s palace, is still the seventh heir to the British throne. He holds the title of HRH, or “his royal majesty,” and that is why his countrymen cannot forgive that, on the one hand, the couple enjoys apanus and royal advantages, but, on the other hand, “gives up their duties” by court and does as they please. Live the way you want.

Could Megan become the first president of the United States?

“Yes, it could happen if she ran in the next presidential election,” said one of Megan’s friends in Vanity Fair magazine. At the same time, others emphasize that the Duchess has no interest in politics. But such statements mean nothing to anyone. The United States has accepted the promise that politics will not work, but then it can go against what has been promised. Some time ago, the two met with California Governor Gevin Newom. At the time, several journalists speculated that Megan was not going to sit in Kamala Harris’ “chair” in the Senate. By the way, the two have spent a lot of time in long talks with other influential Democrats. In November 2019, Megan and Harry met Hillary Clinton at her home in Windsor. Megan has interviewed Vogue magazine with Michel Obama, and many other leading Democrats have not hidden the notion that it would be “good” for Megan to take a political step, citing Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example.


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