Will you observe? Blue supermoon will be the brightest of the year and will happen this Wednesday (30)

2023-08-29 19:30:00

The month of August is about to end and will provide an interesting astronomical observation this Wednesday (30). It’s about the blue supermoonwhich is considered the biggest and brightest Moon of the year 2023. However, the event will not take its name literally, as many may think.

That’s because the Moon will show a bright color and in shades of orange, yellow and white. The choice of this name, in turn, was due to the fact that it was the second full moon of August. In this sense, a blue moon always happens when the month has two full moons and the first one was on the 1st.

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) issued a statement talking about the event:

The planet Saturn, just a few days from its closest and brightest point of the year, will appear close to the Moon. When evening twilight ends, Saturn will be 5 degrees to the upper right corner of the Moon and will appear to rotate clockwise around the Moon as the night progresses. The Moon will appear full for 3 days near the peak of the Full Moon, from Tuesday night to Friday morning. This will be a blue supermoon

Overall, the event should make the Moon larger by 14% compared to a traditional full moon. Viewing the natural satellite will depend on the weather conditions in the region and the ideal is to use binoculars or telescopes to be able to observe the phenomenon well.

Along the scenario, the moon should reach its closest point in relation to Earth on August 30, at 22:36 (Brasília time). As for the distance, it will be around 357,181 km. This tends to be more common, since every month the Perigee happens, when the satellite is as close as possible to our planet.

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