Windows 10 installation process has become more complicated

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MOSCOW, Feb 22 – RIA News. Microsoft has banned the use of a local account when installing Windows 10, which, in turn, complicates the process of installing the operating system for end users. This is reported by the German profile site DrWindows.

A global account can be used to synchronize Microsoft accounts on a new computer, but now, installing the product, you will have to enter supporting information. The editors of DrWindows note that a global account is required only when installing the system, after the process is completed, you can get rid of it.

According to user reviews, the new system installation rules apply globally. Now the only way to bypass the Microsoft account data entry procedure is to install Windows with a missing network connection.

Microsoft previously recalled the Windows 10 update, which causes a system malfunction.

The update number KB4524244, released on February 11, caused various bugs on the devices – from slowing down computers to arbitrary cancellation of changes in settings.

The company recognized critical problems with the update and published instructions on how to remove it.



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