Winter vacation can only be played for 14 hours, Tencent announced the calendar of Chinese minors online games limit | 4Gamers

How long are you going to play this winter break? Two days a day, or 14 hours? Tencent Games announced today (17th) the 2020 winter vacation and Spring Festival minors’ play time limit, a total of 14 days of vacation, and only 14 hours of play.

According to Tencent’s anti-addiction notice and actual holiday arrangements, the only time for minors to play is from January 21 to 23, January 28, January 31 to February 6, and February 11 to 13 Play every night from 20:00 to 21:00.

On January 29th and 30th, which originally belonged to the weekend, it was additionally prohibited to play because of the arrangement of the vacation.

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In order to avoid everyone’s “different tricks”, Tencent Games emphasized that as long as the system determines that it is suspected of being a minor, login and stored value will trigger face recognition.

To prevent someone from playing with the account of the elders of the family, as long as the user account is over 55 years old, face recognition is required every time they log in; in addition, to prevent the borrowing of the account, frequent logins with multiple devices with the same account will also trigger face recognition.

For once and for all, Tencent Games also advocates that parents should apply for a dedicated account for minors at home once and for all.


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