With Jean Castex as Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron assumes to want to govern alone

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He intends to be the only boss. After having managed the country in pairs with Edouard Philippe for three years, Emmanuel Macron decided, Friday July 3, to replace his Prime Minister, so popular in opinion and who no longer hesitated to contest certain choices, by Jean Castex, a 55-year-old high-ranking local official supposed to give him less shade. A profile of “collaborator”, which illustrates the will of the head of state to be at the maneuver for the last straight line of his five-year term, before embarking on the campaign for the presidential election of 2022. “Macron decided to combine the two positions. He will be president and prime minister at the same time! “, laughs a person in charge of the majority.

Unknown to most French people, the new occupant of Matignon never had national political experience. Former regional councilor of Languedoc-Roussillon, current departmental councilor of the Pyrénées-Orientales and mayor of Prades, a small town of 6,000 inhabitants west of Perpignan, Jean Castex was until now – somewhat – known for having developed the decontainment plan implemented by the executive from May 11. It was during these numerous exchanges during this period that the high official would have seduced the Head of State by his “Spirit of dialogue and responsibility”. “Jean Castex, he is the man of successful deconfinement”, we welcome at the Elysée Palace.

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A profile which corresponds in any case to the desire of Mr. Macron of “Run the country with a short bridle”, without sharing power with a prominent personality. “The president has the will, in the next two years, to govern himself. He wants to be master of his destiny and his re-election ”, explains a relative.

To hear the macronists, their champion, whom they present as “Intuitive” and “Transformer”, no longer wanted to be “Corset” in his initiatives by the head of government, as could have been the case with Mr. Philippe. “There is just enough time for the implemented changes to produce results before the end of the quinquennium”, justifies the entourage of Mr. Macron. “The president wanted to govern”, concedes that of Mr. Philippe.

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An impression of guardianship reinforced by the choice of Nicolas Revel to head the Prime Minister’s office. The current director general of the National Health Insurance Fund, son of journalists Jean-François Revel and Claude Sarraute (former employee of the World), is a close friend of Mr. Macron. The two men worked together for François Hollande, at the general secretariat of the Elysée. Mr. Macron was then in charge of economic files, Mr. Revel, social questions.

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