With mighty turbo engines.. a new car from Toyota that challenges the Land Cruiser

Toyota recently unveiled the new Sequoia, which is designed to be one of the most powerful and practical Japanese SUVs.

Toyota provided the new car with modern driving and safety systems, including a system to control each wheel separately to make its movement excellent on sandy or muddy and snow-covered terrain, two front and four-wheel drive systems, a system to prevent slipping on slopes and turns, a cruise control system during travel, and a system to start the engine remotely Light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras.

The company, according to Russia Today, quoting from the moto1 website, will offer some copies of this car with powerful 5.2-liter turbocharged engines that generate torque comparable to that of the latest Land Cruiser cars, and these engines will work with manual and automatic gearboxes.

The new car comes with a large body, approximately 5 meters and 20 centimeters long, designed to give it an appearance that suggests strength, and it is equipped with large wheels.

The cabin of this car is also equipped with three rows of seats that can accommodate seven passengers, and the two rear rows can be folded to transform the vehicle into a place that can sleep two people during travel or trips in nature.

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