“Muay Supaporn” is happy to have a pill to eat after celebrities who have not seen each other for decades transfer money to

After coming out to open up about life that has changed the most for Muay Supaporn Khanunsilp From famous celebrities in the past, the house was very rich. Hundreds of thousands of baht per day but lived recklessly untilunderdog life millions in debt depressedand bipolar, no work, no money until almost a short thought Asking for an opportunity to come back to work in the industry again

Latest date 21 January 2022 Wan Banpan, which is the first group of journalists to help Muay Supaporn, has updated again. That Muay opened up that The feedback made me feel great. it’s too much Everyone came and gave us all encouragement. even though we already beat ourselves to be worthless But everyone came to value us. I’m so grateful

The story is said just to share the experience. Because it’s what really happens in our lives. If it’s useful to many people, it will feel great. Thank you for all the comments sent to support. I sat and read it all myself.

In addition, there are also very cute brothers in the industry. P. Prab Yuttapichai transferred the money to me. I want to thank Phi Prap. I’m so grateful because we haven’t seen each other for decades. He doesn’t have to help us. but he asked for help We replied, “Sister Ja Muay is not accepting donations.” He replied that “Consider me as an older brother. I would like to help Muay as much as I know how I can help.” Finally, Phi Prab transferred the money to him. So next month we have medicine to eat. Thank you very much indeed.

P’ Muay confirmed that he is not accepting donations. But everyone is kind to us. And now there are people who help support our products. After this, if there is a job, money, I will definitely pay debt to everyone.

“Opportunities don’t come every day like I said. But the opportunity that came today has made me a little life. One life has been extended. Thank you all very much. “

In addition, on the same day, Muay Supaporn also posted a photo of making merit at the temple. along with a post stating that Thank you for the merit that Muay has done today. May everyone receive this merit in general.

Thank you for all the encouragement that you have sent to Muay. Thank you, Prap and Jake Sathuan, who have never forgotten. Brother forgets, brother forgets friends. And every channel, every item that comes in contact I wish you all good luck. Amen. Amen. Muay is much better now.

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