WMC Middle East Region Donates 30,000 Dirhams to UAE Red Crescent: Supporting Humanitarian Aid in Sharjah

2023-12-02 06:16:31

Sharjah: Thirty thousand dirhams (6.8 lakh Indian rupees) collected under the leadership of the Middle East Region of the World Malayali Council was handed over to the Sharjah office of the UAE Red Crescent.
Although the WMC had published a list of food, medicine, essential items for children, mothers and the elderly for the people suffering from political insecurity in the region, the WMC had come to the conclusion that the most inappropriate thing would be to give money.

WMC and its members consider this opportunity as a great opportunity and express their gratitude to our most beloved UAE Government and UAE Red Crescent, who are synonymous with honesty and love, through opportune interactions with those who are suffering and suffering all over the world, this great work they have put forward.

WMC Middle East Region Chairman Mr. Santhosh, who was present at the event, gave certificates of appreciation and memento to President Mr. Vinesh Mohan, General Secretary Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Treasurer Mr. Judin Fernandes, Secretary Mrs. Naseela Hussain and Business Forum Chairman Mr. Zakir Hussain, Global Middle East Secretary V. S. Bijukumar informed.

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