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The Queen’s reign for 70 years has not eclipsed the glory of Britain, and her departure has left an unforgettable impression on the world, so she is great. My personal opinion is that Britain had already begun to fall into disarray a quarter of a century before Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne, and without the fairy-tale existence of the Windsor Dynasty, Britain would not even be able to maintain tourism.

The United Kingdom is currently at least following the United States, and it is not just regarding becoming the world’s “deputy sheriff” position of the United States. The United Kingdom is definitely ranked second in the world in the field of science and technology. According to anecdotal records, the number of Nobel Prize winners in natural sciences (physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine) has reached 616 until 2019. The United Kingdom ranks second in the world with 84, second only to the United States with 260. In terms of universities, 22 places are from Cambridge, UK, which is also ranked second in the United States. The first place is Harvard University with 28 places. British innovations and inventions have influenced the world with artificial intelligence (Turing is the founder of AI technology), DNA (the first cloned organism came from the United Kingdom), and graphene materials that replace silicon crystals.

In 2021, the United Kingdom, under the leadership of Johnson, released an extremely ambitious strategic report, “In 2030, we will become a superpower in science and technology.” Protect your allies.” At that time, the UK was not worried regarding energy issues, but due to the raging new crown epidemic, it was not a good time. 700,000 people in the UK were unemployed, and GDP fell by 10% in 2020, the worst economic recession in 300 years. When the Chancellor of the Exchequer Xin Weicheng announced the 2021 spring budget, he said that the UK will have a higher growth rate than China in 2022, reaching 7.3%. Scientific Superpower).

China’s relationship with the UK was originally optimistic. Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in 2015 ushered in a “golden era” between China and the UK, although the UK still targets China with Western international order and democratic values. However, some people do not like the UK, and criticize the story of the Windsor Dynasty under the leadership of the Queen. Of course, this is not done by the Chinese, but belongs to the left-wing people in the West, such as the American journalist Nolan (Hamilton Nolan) .

Nolan witnessed that the British lived in poverty more than two years ago, but still admired the royal family. Even if the absurd family gossip scandal of the royal family broke out, everyone would enjoy it as if they were watching court dramas. Nolan might not help speaking for the British. She wrote in the New York Times: “America has committed many crimes once morest humanity, and our president may bring shame to the nation, but at least Americans have not been asked to pay to some utterly inexplicable rich wastrel. ) grovelling.” She pointed out: “Any country that retains a royal family in 2021 is proving its serious lack of revolutionary ambition.” She pointed out that the royal family is harmful and may prevent the British economy from advancing in science and technology. Because she is a left-wing member, Nolan does not like the United States, but she believes that the United States is much stronger than the false fairy tale Britain.

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Britain is not burdened by today’s royal family. This is a historical view. Since 1900, the United Kingdom has handed over its status as the world’s No. 1 hegemon to the rising United States. It is the bourgeoisie who has lost the glory of Britain. Under their control, Abandon the real economy. Manufacturing and industrialization are the way to build a strong country, but the United Kingdom turned to the financial industry, and this foundation was gently taken away by the United States. In the 1960s, the US industrialization reached its peak, and the space program symbolized the absolute leadership of the US economy and technology. Then, the most eye-catching thing left by the UK was no longer science and technology, but the British royal fairy tale.

The United Kingdom is determined to build itself into a “superpower of science and technology”. In the future, it will all depend on the courage of the new Prime Minister Zhuo Huisi. It is rare for the United Kingdom to have another “Iron Lady”. God bless King Charles III!

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