Women lost in interview because of fairer skin, what company said to her goes viral | The young woman failed in the interview in a way that no one expected

2023-07-27 18:26:12

Failing a job interview is natural. But do we lose the job we deserve by saying a little more color? Then we can be sure that all that can happen in our country. A social media post has now gone viral. In this, the young woman says that she has lost her job.

A post shared by a young woman on Linkedin about her experience has gone viral. Many people have written about how unhealthy company rules can ruin their lives. The woman says that she lost her job in a completely unexpected way. An unexpected thing happened to a young woman from Bengaluru named Prakeshika Jichkar.

The young woman says that it is not the fact that she did not get a job, but the reason for the denial that is disappointing. Hope said that the interviewers told her that her color was higher than other employees in the company, and that she could not be hired because of that. Prakiya said that they eliminated him in the last round of interview. They gave such a reason while avoiding. It was a reason he never thought of. The woman said that she was shocked to hear.

There were three rounds of interview. There was also a round of assignments. He had enough skills. He had qualifications and experience. Still I was told that I am not suitable for that job. There is only one reason for that. I was shocked to hear that the reason my skin had lost its color. The hiring manager said that he does not want discrimination in the team. Everyone should sit together. The woman also noted that the manager said that he is not giving you this job.

They have also shared a screenshot of the email they received. We’re talking about diversity and inclusiveness. But instead what we are doing is classifying people on the basis of color, religion, race, etc. Meanwhile, as soon as they shared their experience, this post went viral. Some have suggested that this is a publicity stunt by the company. Some have commented on how this is fair.

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