Fuka Koshiba The secret to a smile is “having a mind to enjoy” The thing that made me laugh the most recently was “changing my sister’s child’s diaper”-Fuji Television Review!!

2023-07-17 02:38:55

Fuka Koshiba talked about the tough advice she received in the past.

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The drama “Devil’s Job Changer” (Kantele/Fuji TV) will start on July 17th (Monday).

Arashi Kurusu (Ryo Narita), a sharp-tongued career adviser who is known as the “Devil King of Job Change”, cuts through job seekers’ worries about their jobs and lifestyles with harsh words, while helping them gain the confidence to work. An exhilarating “change of job” entertainment that restores hope.

Kurusu, a career advisor at the career change agent company “Shepherd Career”, and Chiharu Mitani (Koshiba), who will later become Kurusu’s partner, will depict the struggles of unique career change agents.

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Mr. Koshiba, who plays the role of Chiharu, who met Kurusu after consulting for a job change and grew up, was directly hit by Mr. Narita’s impression and the change in his way of thinking about “work.” In addition, we asked Mr. Koshiba, who always has an impressive smile, about his secret to smiling.

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