Work, an extra month of holidays for everyone: free time bonus in the Edileco coop

The construction cooperative quintuples its turnover and gives three weeks of extra holidays to its workers because, says the president of Edileco, Davide Trapani, “there is nothing more precious than our time”. Nothing could be more true, as also emerges from multiple surveys that have been carried out by various actors in recent months. Research what you do, the answer you find from workers when they are questioned about their expectations is precisely to have time for themselves, to better balance work with private life, dedicating themselves to their family, but also to training, or to their passions, from travel to sport.

They know this well in Nus, a small town in the Aosta Valley. Less than three thousand inhabitants live there and it is almost a dozen kilometers from Aosta. Breathtaking views, nearby ski slopes. This is where Edileco, a cooperative specializing in eco-friendly construction and renovation, is based. From 2020 to 2023 it more than quintupled its turnover, going from just over 6 to 35 million euros, Trapani says.

The prize on time

Thus in February the decision was made to reward the 150 workers by giving them time: three weeks of extra holidays compared to the 4 provided for by the national collective labor agreement. In total 18 thousand hours of work that were converted into free time. And with the possibility of staying on holiday for an entire month, tying the three weeks to the company closing week already scheduled for February.

«This initiative, for which we have invested around one million euros, is intended to be a recognition of all those who believe in the Edileco project on a daily basis – says Trapani – and with professionalism contribute to the company’s growth, allowing it to achieve extraordinary goals. We believe there is nothing more precious than our time. For this reason, we have offered each member and employee the opportunity to dedicate it to their passions, to then start again with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

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From family to travel, the choices of workers

To find out how time was used, the cooperative surveyed workers and asked them what they did this month. 85% dedicated the extra time above all to their family, while over half (52%) took advantage of it to travel, alone or with their family, or to reach friends or relatives who live in other countries around the world. Two out of 10 employees, 20% therefore, have followed training courses, also linked to their passions, from pastry making to music lessons. There are also those who took advantage of it to write their degree thesis. Or there are those who, in a group, have cycled around the island of Tenerife or dedicated themselves to sport as 20% did. But there are also those who have donated their donated time, engaging in charity and volunteering projects.

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