World Championship Semifinals Stage 1: Rockets 4-4 Wizards 7-1 Williams_Game_Trump_O’Sullivan

Original title: World Championship semi-final first stage: Rockets 4-4 Wizards 7-1 Williams

Beijing time on April 29th news, the 2022 World Snooker Championship semi-finals ended the first stage of the contest, Trump 7-1 Mark Williams, O’Sullivan 4-4 Higgins.

This game is the first matchup between Trump and Mark Williams this season. At the beginning of the game, Trump showed a very good feel, with two consecutive strokes exceeding 70 points and taking the lead in winning 3 innings Victory, although Mark Williams won the 4th game, but after the break, Trump won 4 games in a very strong streak, leading Mark Williams 7-1 at the end of the first period s.

This game is the 77th game between O’Sullivan and Higgins in their careers. The showdown between the two is very interesting, and the game is also extremely exciting. Higgins took the lead to seize the opportunity to win 3 games in a row, and then O’Sullivan suddenly broke out, chasing 3 games in a row with one stroke and 50+ strokes. In the seventh inning, Higgins seized the opportunity to win another inning and took a 4-3 lead. In the eighth inning, O’Sullivan once again hit a single shot to break 100 to win 127-0, tying the score again.

The semi-finals will be played in 33 rounds with 17 wins and will be divided into four stages. The second stage of the semi-finals will be played this afternoon and evening.

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