World Cup︱Shufkey said that Cotton is not needed because of the inappropriate position, and Marguni steals the spotlight in the front, middle and rear (09:01)-20221126-Sports-Instant News

The British media had already expected that the British army would maintain the main lineup that defeated the Iranian team 6:2 in the last game, but failed to repeat the attack of the clouds and flowing water, and was criticized by the fans after the game. After the game, Schiffki called on the players to look at this battle calmly and not be influenced by the outside world. In this battle, he only replaced Kealish, Rashford and Jordan Henderson, and failed to turn the game around. He could only explain Cotton’s absence: “Phil never served as a midfielder for the club, and this Positions require experienced players.”

Fortunately, as long as the British army does not lose to Wells by 4 goals in the next game, they will still qualify. Defender Maguni has become a prominent member of the team. Statistics show that he made 8 clearances in this battle, accounting for the most in the game. 8 of 11 long passes were able to find his teammates. In the early stage, he even made an assist after a dead ball. He corrected the ball on the wing and passed two passes in a row. surprised. The U.S. team drew with Christian Plesi, who hit the lintel with a kick, and scored only 1 of 10 shots in a row. The next match against the Iranian team must be won.

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