World Cup high-tech football needs pre-match charging scene photos finally exposed- Hong Kong

In fact, many new technologies are added to the World Cup event every year, and football itself, which is the core of the game, is of course no exception. This year’s World Cup special football has added a lot of sensors. It turns out that it needs to be charged before the game. Recently, someone took a photo of charging.

The World Cup soccer ball called “Al Rihla (Journey)” was developed by Adidas. In addition to the material and cutting method to improve the stability in the air, a position sensor is also added inside to sense the football on the field in real time. The position of the camera allows the camera to track the football and the player’s movements more effectively. KINEXON, a sensor developer, said that when a football is kicked and thrown, it can sense movements 500 times per second, and then wirelessly transmit the data to a local positioning system for analysis.

Since the sensor needs to send out wireless signals, of course it needs to be charged. Recently, some netizens shared photos of football charging on Reddit, showing that the charging cable is inserted into the football like an inflation needle, and it is said that each charge can be used for 6 hours. Official soccer balls on the market don’t have built-in sensors, so they don’t need to be charged.

source:Daily Mail

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